About Us

about us

Nutagra is as a wholesale company importing, exporting and distributing nuts, dried fruits and coffee. Nutagra has been a leader in providing the right product at optimal service. We always seeks improvement, expansion & diversification in its product line to satisfy its loyal customers and provide its dealers with best service to meet their demands. Nutagra imports its raw material from the noblest origin to provide the market with the highest quality products and keep up with the best service by listening and satisfying their customers’ needs. With years of professional work and experience Nutagra conquered the local and foreign market, creating a list of loyal customers based on mutual trust and dedication thus becoming a leader and a pioneer in this domain.

Nutagra has been a closely-knit family business not just with our personnel but with our customers too. Over the years, we have built a team of dedicated and talented people who understand and deliver what our customers truly want.