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Dried Apricot

The apricot has a significant import and export market in Turkey and world’s economy. It is carefully collected from the major production centers of the world and dried without touching in hygienic environments.

Our products are packed and handled without any hand touching with the latest state art of technological system machines to take their place.

Dry Figs

Dry Figs home land is Turkey and Turkey is the biggest producer country in the world.

It is also one of our main export commodities. Especially in the Aegean region, it is one of the most important sources of living. Turkey produces and exports the highest quality figs in the world.

Nutagra is the most important exporters of Turkey. Our products are dried in a hand-free manner and packaged in our factory according to the needs and demands of our consumer.

Dry Raisins

The best breed and high quality Raisin varieties which are carefully selected and collected from the best producing regions in Turkey and around the world. They are dried in 100% hygienic environment without any hand touched.

A variety of products that appeal to different palate tastes has become a reliable brand in Turkey and around the world.

Our products that have been dried have been packed in the desired weight at our packing plants without any hand touched by state of art the technology machines and ready to be offered to our consumers.


Turkey is the most important and first in the world’s hazelnut production and exports. We offer our customers with high quality products collected from the land of our country and with the reliability given by Lobas brand by our factories without any hand touch. We have different packaging alternatives such as 50 kg and 80 kg jute bags and10 kg vacuum.

We also have different hazelnut varieties with Nutagra brand; crust, crustless, peeled, ground, and sliced.

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are obtained from the pine tree known as "Pinus Pinea" in Latin and can generally grow in the Mediterranean climate zone. Pine nuts ; It can be stored for a long time in suitable storage conditions in the black and hard-shelled core (Küner) inside the pine cone. Pine nuts have a distinctive white color and a distinctive aroma.

Pine nuts are available in various sizes, Turkey, Lebanese, Russian and Chinese. With its careful selection, our company has become a brand chosen as Lobas in recent years. The wholesale of pine nuts is made in 25 kg bags or 5 kg vacuums in 10 kg boxes. The products are distributed to foreign markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


It is an indispensable product with its flavor that is consumed as cake, dessert and especially as a snack. Nutagra imported products to Turkey and the countries of the world with Nutagra brand and is exported. It is the most important supplier of the sector with the Nutagra brand with its product variety with different tastes and flavors.


Our company imports and sells shell walnut, walnut in various qualities and origins according to the season. We are buying directly from a farmer in Romania, Ukraine, China, America and Chile and processing in our facilities in Mersin and exporting to domestic market and 3rd countries.