Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa

Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa

We bring you our Cocoa Hazelnut Cream, which we produce using the best hazelnuts of the Black Sea Region, under the brand name LOBASELLA. We roast the hazelnuts, which are used at a rate of 18%, without hand-milling, and turn them into powder immediately without the smell of it disappearing and without contact with the air. After the hazelnut has become powder, we combine it with Cocoa, Sugar and other components. The quality of the raw materials used in production is very important to us. We take care to use the best quality cocoa and the world's most expensive and best sugar produced from sugar beet in Turkey.

As a producer of Cocoa Cream, hazelnuts are freshly roasted and ground into powder for each production. We do not keep hazelnut powder in stock for the next production. Therefore, LOBASELLA Hazelnut Cream has a better smell, taste and consistency.

As a manufacturer, our aim is to offer the consumers cocoa hazelnut cream enriched with 18% of the highest quality hazelnuts, which is produced with the best raw materials and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our products are offered for sale in 400 gr and 750 gr packages.